Use of PSA 2014 Score in FA-4

CBSE Controller of Examinations Mr. MC Sharma has written an email to the Principals of the CBSE affiliating schools. It states :

Dear Principal,
1. The first Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for Academic Session 2012-13 was conducted on 16-02-2013 for
students of Class IX (who are now in Class X).
2. The second Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for Academic Session 2013-14 was conducted on 18-01-2014 which
also included (optional) improvement in PSA by students currently in Class X.
Based on the various queries received from principals across the country, the board has decided to clarify the following for use
of PSA marks in FA4 in one language (English or Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social Science.
1. Please take the PSA score of the candidate in Class IX [either subject wise for relevant subjects sent in the first mail on
21.03.2013 or average (shown in the last column) of the second mail sent on 01.05.2013 for each subject]. Award the
same in FA4 in Class IX and Class X in one language (English or Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social
2. In case any student has opted for improvement of PSA in class X, between the Score what he scored during
PSA of class IX in 2012-13 and the average score of his improvement sent by mail on 11.03.2014, whichever is
higher should be taken for the individual subjects.
cbse psa

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