CBSE PSA Answer key 20th November, 2014 (Solved Paper)

Text Booklet Code – D1

Class IX

Series : HRS (P)

Time allowed: Two hours

Section A : Language Conventions (Questions 1 to 24) English

  • Once upon a time there was an old man who had seven sons………………………
  • ………………..break the bundle of sticks.

Q: Which of the following words shows the correct spelling of underlined misspelt word in sentence 5?


Q: In sentence 1, the expression once upon a time is a?

A: Phrase.

Q: In sentence 3, the phrase a man of means could be best replaced with?

A: Wealthy

Q: In sentence 4, which of the following words cannot replace the word yet?

A  Beyond

Q: In sentence 2, which of the following words cannot replace the word considerably?

A Noticeably

Q: In sentence 6, the word encourage could best be replaced with?

A: Persuade

Q: In sentence 7 the contextual meaning of the word field is

A: Farm land

Q: Which of the following should be the sentence 10 in the above story?

A: The sons realized the importance of being united.


True lies     9            American hollywood film…………………………………………………. borrowed from a French film – La totale (1991)

Q: which of these fits gap 9?

A. is an

Q: Which of these fits gap 10?

A: has been

Q: Which of these fits gap 11?

A: Scripted by

Q: Which of these fits gap 12?

A: generously


We got there                    13            and saw all the stalls and the ground…………………. ……….. We were  not the only ones!

Q: Which of these fits gap 13?

A: Early

Q: Which of these fits gap 14?

A: were

Q: Which of these fits gap 15?

A: had

Q : We were not the only ones! means?

A: Many others also had not brought any umbrella.


Khanty culture            17           three distinct Khanty groups………………………..performance in many forms.

Q: Which of these fits gap 17?

A: comprise

Q: Which of these fits gap 18?

A: locating the differences

Q: Which of these fits gap 19?

A: their

Q: Which of these fits gap 20?

A: a


Scientists have            21    that our natural resources will………………………………government’s far-sightedness.

Q: which of these fits gap 21?

A: predicted

Q: Which of these fits gap 22?

A: alternative

Q: There is one error in the passage. Find from the given option.

A : has shows

Q: Based on the reading of the passage, say which of the following statement is not true!

A: A government is said to have a far-sightedness when it encourages use of more and more cars.


 Section B : Qualitative Reasoning

Q: There are 4 schools in a town…………………..Which school(s) follow(s) democratic principles to the maximum extent?

A: Only B is the correct option because all the adult people have the right to vote.

Q: Read the following statement in given jumbled order:

Ramesh’s father………..believed the opposite

A: The correct order is A,D,B,C

Q Read the given statements A,B,C,D and identify the incorrect option from those that follow:

Ravi works as an architect…………engaged as a builder.

A: Romila and Ravi are not involved in construction works

Q: Read the following brief stroy and answer the question that follow:

It was a very hot summer………….we cannot ever come out.”

The story attempts to portray that

A: look always to a long term solution to a problem.

Q: Which of the following pairs of words has similar relationship as

Teacher : Classroom

A: Lawyer : Courtroom  (a teacher is found in a classroom as a lawyer is found in a courtroom. Doctor : hospital, Pilot : Airplane, Chef : kitchen)

Q: Read the 2 statements given below and answer the question that follows:

  • Tomatoes cost more than Potates
  • Onions cost less than Tomatoes

Which of the one statement is definitely true?

A: Tomatoes are the costliest ( the cost of items can be Potatoes=Onions<Tomatoes  or Onions<Potatoes<Tomatoes or Potatoes<Onions<Tomatoes.)

Q: Community Radio has completed 68 years of journey in the world…………World Radio Day.

13 Feb is declared as World Radio Day to acknowledge?

A: the role of Community Radio in society.

Q: What was the purpose of introducing the first community radio?

A:  To draw attention of everyone to social issues and concerns.

Q: Read the following 3 statements and select the given option in the end:

A: only C is correct

Q: Select the nearest meaning for the word “Transmission” used in the passage.

A: broadcasting

Q: The statement by Bertolt Brecht given in the passage emphasizes upon

A: the role of radio in bringing about popular participation of people.

A study was conducted in Rajasthan……………………through training in the need of times.”

Q: Why did Sarpanch ask the researcher to get jobs for his children?

A: They were not doing any jobs presently.

Q: Which of the following is causing major problem to young people of Dausa for getting good education ?

A: Buses are not plying for longer hours.

Q Why does the researcher state that higher education is not of much help in getting employment?

A: Skills learnt in Political History course are not so helpful in getting certain jobs.

Q: Some possible solutions to the problem of educated unemployment in Dausa are given below. Which one is not appropriate?

A: Individuals attaining 21 years may be asked to get married.

Q: Which of the following is true about boys and girls in Dausa?

A: Girls are not allowed to go for higher education like boys.


Section C: Quantitative Reasoning

Q: A fruit seller does not use currency. Instead uses following exchange rates:

10 strawberries = 2 apples

1 apple = 2 bananas

4 bananas = 1 mango

On the basis of exchange rate,how many strawberries are equal to one mango?

A: 10 ( 1 Mango = 4 bananas, 4 bananas = 2 apples, 2 apples=10 strawberries)

Q: Your grandmother counts upto 108……….end up counting 108?

A : C (the middle finger, as you start from the thumb, a multiple of 5 will come on E i.e 5 or 0, so 105 on E, 106 on A, 107 on B and 108 on E)

Q: The following graph shows medals won by India in commonwealth games from 1994 to 2014.

In which year the difference b/w the number of gold medals and bronze medals is maximum?

A. 2002 ( As in 2002 the difference between the Gold and Bronze is max, i.e 30-17=13)
(1 in 1994, 1 in 1998, 11 in 2006, 2 in 2010 and 4 in 2014)

Q: If you have to use all four mathematical operations (+,-,x,/) only once in the blanks below, what is the maximum number you get if at no stage you have a fraction or a negative number.

A: 15

since no result is in fraction and negative, the conditions are:

3+8/2 x 5-8 = 3+4 x 5 – 8 = 15

3-8 / 2 +5 x 8 = 3-4+40 = 39

3 x 8 /2 +5 -8 = 3 x 4 +5 – 8 =9

3 x 8 / 2-5 + 8 = 15

Q: In a classroom the seating plan of seven students – p Q R S T U and V

According to the seating plan who sits on the desk no 3

A: R

Q : Two men starting at the same point, walk in opposite directions for 12 metres, turn to their left and walk another 5 metres. What is the distance in between them now?

A: 26 metres

by applying pythagorous the result can be achieved.



Q: in a fair you throw 3 darts on the following dartboard to score a total of 60. Any of the part can hit the dartboard more than once. If you score each dart you throw, in how many ways it is possible to score a 60?

A: 4 ( 20+20+20 , 25+15+20, 50+5+5, 25+25+10)

Q : Rahul used 4 rings on the abacus rod to make numbers. He used only ones and tens place rods to make numbers, hence making the following numbers:

4, 13 ,22 , 31, 40

How many numbers can he make using six rings if he uses only tens and hundreds place?

A : 6  (150,240,330,420,510,600)

Q: In a throwball league match, a player can earn points as per following rules:

Which of the following score cannor be possible total score of any player?

A: 23 ( 7+7+5 = 19 possible, 7+7+7+7+7+7+7+5= 54 possible, 7+7+7+5 = 26 possible)

Q: Many people consider mass……………………..Earth.

body of mass m kg on Earth is taken to Moon. As compared to Earth, on Moon, its

A: Inertia will remain the same whereas weight changes ( Weight = m x g , as on Moon value of g changes to W will change where as no effect on mass)

Q: Which of the following graphs shows the correct proportionality between mass and weight of body.

psa answer key









Q: A science fiction movie was shown…….concluded the following:

A : conclusion i & ii are correct, conclusion iii is not correct

(Weight of XIGO on earth – 245 N
mass of XIGO – 245 /10 (taking g=10) = 24.5

Weight of LIXO on earth – 392
mass of LIXO – 392 / 10 = 39.2

Therefore statement I is correct

Lixo weighs 196 N on own planet, therefore value of G is less on LIXO planet

statement II is correct

Force of gravity on XIGO planet is less than on Earth so statement III is incorrect)

Q: Given below is a bar graph showing weight of an object on different planets and Moon.
Which of the following is correct in accordance with this bar graph for another object of weight 60 N on surface of moon?

A: Its weight on the surface of Jupiter will be 850.2 N ( If weight on moon is 60 N which is around 8.5 x the current graph of moon then 99.2 x 8.5 = 850 apx)

Q: Football is one……….sportsmanship record.

How many total matches were played in the first stage of football?

A: 48 ( Since there were 8 groups of 4 teams. suppose those team as A, B, C, D.
Now matches will be AB,AC,AD,BC,BD and CD. Total match = 6 in one group.

Total matches in 8 groups = 8 x 6 = 48

Q: What were the avg goals scored per match in the tournament?

A: 2.67  (Avg goals = total goals/total matches
total goals= 171 given
total matches = 48 + 8 + 4+ 2 + 1 + 1 = 64

48 match in group stage , 8 match in round of 16 as 2 teams play in one match, 4 matches in quarter final, 2 in semi, 1 for final and 1 for 3rd position)

Q: How many matches must a team have played to finish 4th in the tournament?

A: 7 (3 match in group stage, one in round of 16, one in quarter final, one in semi and one for 3-4th place. i.e 3+1+1+1+1 = 7) Brazil played 7 matches in FIFA 2014 this time.

Q: Which of the following diagram correctly shows the percentage of completed and uncompleted passes during the final match?

A : B  (3/4 portion darkened and 1/4  portion dotted)

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